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A will is a written document that controls the disposition of property at death. Through a valid will, you get to decide who gets your property instead of the law making the choice for you. This includes property such as family heirlooms and real estate you own. Wills can be used to name alternative guardians for your children should you and your spouse/partner pass away prior to them reaching the age of 18.
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Thompson, Crawford & Smiley is excited to announce that Mallory Bennett is now practicing in Georgia along with Tom Thompson, who has been practicing in Georgia since 1991! While Ms. Bennett’s practice in Georgia will focus on employment law, she will also be able to assist with estate planning, uncontested dissolution of marriage, business contracts, probate, and many other areas of the law.
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Welcome to our first blog post! I want to introduce you to our law firm. My name is Mallory Bennett and I am an associate attorney. There are three partners – Tom Thompson, Billy Crawford, and Scott Smiley.
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