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Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business

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You’ve made the decision to start your own business. This is an exciting time; it may be a lifelong dream becoming a reality.  As you know there are many details that must be attended to in order for the business to get off on the right foot. One critical consideration involves the many legal aspects of startup.

One of the best investments you can make in the initial (as well as ongoing) phase of this venture is to seek the advice, counsel, and representation of a reputable law firm. At Thompson, Crawford, & Smiley, we will work with you to make responsible and informed decisions which will benefit you and help you establish a successful business. There are a range of issues we will assist you with including:


  • business tax consequences,
  • personal tax consequences,
  • buying property,
  • negotiating leases,
  • liability issues, and
  • business planning. 

Our lawyers at Thompson, Crawford, & Smiley will also collaborate with your accountant and other financial advisors to ensure that you realize a coordinated and all-inclusive successful business plan.

Depending on the business you want to establish and your unique circumstances, our experienced, knowledgeable and effective lawyers at Thompson, Crawford, & Smiley provide assistance regarding the following business components: 

  1. Form of Business: We advise you on the best business form for your specific needs whether it be corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or non-profit. The entity you choose will most likely determine your legal responsibilities as well as possible liabilities. It will also determine the manner in which the business may operate.
  2. Autonomy: Depending on the form or business entity you establish, you may not be aware of laws and regulations that pertain your situation. We will help you decipher these “Uniform Laws”.
  3. Capital: All businesses need to keep track of income and distributions. In addition, businesses need to raise money. Depending on the business, there will be different requirements for both raising capital and distributing it.
  4. Contracts: There are a number of reasons why your business may need to have a contract(s).  It may be for property, supplies, or services.
  5. Multi-State Business: If you plan to do business in other states, we will help you determine what protections you have both in your home state and across borders into other states.

 After you have established your business our expert attorneys at Thompson, Crawford, & Smiley, can assist you with issues such as additional contracts, document reviews, preparation of stockholder meeting minutes, incentive compensation plans, and/or retirement plans. Call us at 850-386-5777 to ensure that your business starts smoothly and continues to thrive and grow. We are located in Tallahassee and serve all surrounding communities in northern Florida.

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