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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my divorce case go to mediation before it is heard by the court?

Essentially all divorce cases are go to mediation before being heard by the court. Family law mediation is a process where the parties meet together with a mediator who has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate family law cases. The mediator’s objective in the mediation process is to assist the parties in reaching an amicable resolution of their disputes. The mediator does not hear evidence nor does the mediator “decide” or “rule on” the case. Instead, the mediator will cover some or all of the issues in dispute and assists the parties in reaching some common ground on which they can agree. On those issues resolved in the mediation, a written agreement will be drafted and signed by the parties to bind them on the issues on which they have agreed. Mediation is often a very successful way to resolve part or all of a divorce case without the significant cost of having a formal hearing before the family law judge.