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Insurance Disability and ERISA Litigation

Tallahassee's only Insurance Disability and ERISA Law Practice

Look for a Tallahassee law firm that practices insurance disability and ERISA law, and you’ll find only one: Thompson, Crawford & Smiley, Attorneys at Law.

Short and long term insurance disability claims are provided as an employee benefit, thus are governed by federal law, which is different from almost all other forms of insurance in the country. This federal law is the “ERISA” an acronym for “the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974,” and this federal statute is important to those who have any benefits out of their employment, including health insurance, short or long term disability insurance, retirement benefits and life insurance.

For those who own benefits or are making claims affected by this ERISA law, the need for legal advice is very real. The law limits the manner that claims can be brought and take away an employee’s right to a jury trial in certain cases involving benefits. Contact Thompson, Crawford Smiley for answers to the following common ERISA concerns:

·      The act’s effect on your disability claim
·      The act’s effect on your health insurance or life insurance benefits
·      How long do you have to file your claim?
·      What are your rights to an appeal?
·      How many levels of administrative appeals are there anyway and do I need to use all of them?
·      How do social security benefits affect my disability claim?

Since 1993, Thompson, Crawford Smiley has assisted North Florida clients in the areas of automobile and premises liability litigation, family law, commercial law, probate, real estate, bankruptcy, ERISA and construction law. Its attorneys have practiced in a variety of courts, including state appellate, U.S. District and U.S. Bankruptcy.

Trust the Tallahassee long and short term insurance disability ERISA experts to offer qualified legal advice. As examples we have recently successfully represented our clients in disability claims, and ERISA litigation, against Mutual of Omaha, Sedgewick CMS, The Hartford, Sprint, Pepsico, CNA, and CIGNA, among others.

Contact Tom Thompson at Thompson, Crawford Smiley today at (850) 386-5777.