In Florida, as in most states, if you are considering a divorce, you should first think about your safety and well-being as well as that of any minor children. If there is a history or threat of domestic violence or spousal abuse, you should take steps to protect yourself and your children. If necessary, you may wish to seek a domestic violence injunction from a court. This injunction is a court order directing your spouse to stay away from you and it gives law enforcement the right to take action if the injunction is violated. Next, you should focus on being prepared before initiating divorce proceedings. This includes gathering relevant documents and information to support your claim and familiarizing yourself with all marital assets and liabilities. This should be done before access to these records is difficult or they may even “disappear.” Preparation also involves having a support network in place to help you during the proceeding. Finally, preparation also involves having available the funds necessary to pay a divorce attorney’s retainer. You will also need funds to live on during the divorce. Finally, before taking steps toward a divorce, get legal advice from an experienced Florida family law or divorce attorney.

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