Tallahassee Bankruptcy Counsel: Q&A

When it comes to commercial bankruptcy law, trust William Crawford of Thompson, Crawford, Brown & Smiley to represent you with class. He’s spent years resolving bankruptcy disputes for clients, and his thorough counsel is based on diverse experience. His dual interests in real estate and commercial litigation complement his North Florida bankruptcy cases.

Before filing for bankruptcy, consider the following concerns about Tallahassee bankruptcy claims:

Is bankruptcy law exactly the same across America?

  • No. Federal bankruptcy law differs from state to state. That’s why it’s important to retain a lawyer who understands the nuances of this process.
  • Yes and no. Consider the two types of bankruptcy:
    • Chapter 7 – When this process is over, the business will disappear. The court oversees this type of bankruptcy, which allows a business to make sure their creditors receive any available remaining assets.
    • Chapter 11 – This is the “life raft” of bankruptcy, allowing an owner to try to rescue the business from certain failure. Future profits are pledged to creditors in order to pay off debts.  
    • Chapter 13 – This is a debt reorganization for individuals whereby future income is pledged to the bankruptcy

Expect expert negotiation and personal service when you retain Mr. Crawford. He thoroughly evaluates each company’s financial situation in order to make the best possible recommendation pertaining to bankruptcy procedures. His client roster includes a myriad of banks, financial corporations and local businesses.

Add your business to his client list – you won’t regret it. Contact Thompson, Crawford, Brown & Smiley, Attorneys at Law, for quality bankruptcy counsel.

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