Divorce and Family Law Guidance

This area of law spreads across boundaries to include all aspects of the family experience. Under its umbrella are divorces, dissolution of marriages, adoptions, child custody, alimony and even wills and trusts. With so many facets represented, it’s paramount that you choose an experienced lawyer to handle your claim. Meet Tallahassee divorce and family law expert Scott Smiley, who assists clients with everything from pre-marital contracts to wills and estates with skill and ease. Fellow partner Tom Thompson also assists with wills and estates, and together, he and Mr. Smiley make a winning team.
Are you anticipating a significant life change? Retaining Scott Smiley is your answer. Trust him to guide you through the legal system – whether your concern is in finding a Northern Florida divorce lawyer or an opinion about custody agreements.
Know your legal rights. Don’t draw up a any marital agreement or a will or trust without consulting an experienced attorney like Scott. It’s important that your wishes are carried out, so don’t go this process alone.
Scott Smiley handles complex custody matters and divorce proceedings with class. Know your rights when it comes to dissolution of a marriage. Consult with him and plan the rest of your life.
A partner at Thompson, Crawford, Brown and Smiley since 1993, Mr. Smiley primarily handles family law and probate matters, and he also assists on personal injury and defense cases. He is experienced in Appellate, Administrative and Governmental Law.
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