The Rights of Fathers are too often overlooked.

You have rights as a father. At Thompson, Crawford, Brown & Smiley, we can help you protect those rights.

Contact Scott Smiley, a founding partner of Thompson, Crawford, Brown & Smiley today to discuss your unique situation and parenting goals with a Tallahassee, Florida, fathers’ rights attorney.

Caring Representation for Your Sensitive Needs

Many men have become socially accustomed to the idea that they do not have as many rights as women when it comes to their children. This is not true. If you are a father, your rights deserve to be respected just as much as your child’s mother. Attorney Scott Smiley  firmly believes that fathers should have as much parenting time with their children as possible. We will advocate on your behalf for your absolute right to see and help raise your children, uninhibited by the other parent.

This firm handles all of the legal issues associated with fathers’ rights, including paternity issues, adoptions, and the divorce process, including child support, custody, and visitation.

Although fathers of children born out of wedlock do not have any immediate legal guardianship rights, we can represent you in establishing paternity and enforcing your rights once paternity has been determined.

We have extensive experience dealing with fathers’ rights issues and are familiar with the matters that must be considered when advocating on behalf of our clients’ rights. These are very difficult times for you, but this is your child and your child needs your help now. Trust our two decades of experience with hundreds of fathers fighting for their rights.  We will work with you to understand your needs, clearly explain your options, and determine the best approach to maximize the potential for successfully achieving your parenting goals.

Do not risk losing your rights as a father by neglecting to hire a trusted, experienced, committed lawyer who will fight relentlessly on your behalf.

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