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We Serve Wrongful Death Clients throughout Northern Florida, Tallahassee and Leon County.

Allow our experienced lawyers to help you  in wrongful death law to help you. We have decades of experience handling wrongful death lawsuits.  Our attorneys know the steps to take to get fair compensation for families that have suffered from the wrongful death of a loved one.

Our focus is on your family. We believe in providing the level of attention you would expect from our local Law Practice . 

The depth of experience that our law firm offers means we can handle even the most complicated wrongful death cases, such as those involving death caused by medical malpractice. 

The statistics may surprise you but car accidents account for over 3 million injuries every year. Increasingly, drivers are becoming more distracted with things other than the road in front of them and the drivers around them. When an accident is the result of these distractions, victims can be severely impacted. In addition to being injured and/or permanently hurt victims can be left financially shattered.

If this happens to be the case – if you or loved one is suffering from the impact of an automobile accident – we can help. Our attorneys at Thompson, Crawford, Brown and Smiley of Tallahassee want to help you. Not only do we have the expertise, we are genuinely concerned about your well-being both physically and financially as well as emotionally. You can feel confident that you will be represented by the highest quality professional attorneys

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